Types of Roof Trusses: Know Your Options

Roof Trusses: Roof Types, Styles, and Shapes

There are many different types of roof trusses that you can choose from and there are different roof trusses prices UK. And, if you know what each type offers, then it is easier to make a decision about which one will work for your project.

First and most common type is the traditional roof truss. Also referred to as a banded truss, this type of roof is made up of many different pieces that are connected together with metal plates and fasteners.

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Another popular choice for homes is the box girder or I-beam style. This option features a single piece top chord beams which run from end post to end post on either side of an interior space such as a room within your home where you want it installed. The bottom chord members connect at the midpoint between posts creating a T shape.

The portal frame system consists of two primary types: perimeter web portals and cantilever portals . These systems have been used extensively in steel mills around the world since they were first developed over 100 years ago by the Bethlehem Steel Company.

Portal frames are typically used for large openings which require extra support and stability, such as at the entrance to a building. They also work well in places where there is no load bearing wall required on one or more sides of an opening.

A metal purlin roof truss system combines different types of components into one single unit that creates long spans with less material than traditional trusses . The standard size for this type of truss is 16 feet wide by 40 feet long, although they can be made smaller or larger depending on your needs. Purlins are often used to create expansive roofs over areas like patios, garages, porches and covered walkways around homes and other structures.